These Creative Ideas Are Perfect for Date Night

Sacha Strebe

Christian Vierig/Contributor

My husband and I have been married for almost a decade (we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next year) and the reason we’re still going strong is our emphasis on keeping the spark alive. Our secret? Date night. It's a simple idea, but making time for each other (sans children) has honestly been key to reigniting the flame and making sure the passion between us doesn’t fizzle, ever. This became especially important when we had our son. The struggle to squeeze a date night in with our busy schedules was very real. But the positive influence it has on our family’s happiness is phenomenal and worth the calendar shuffle. With all those date nights lined up, you'll need to challenge yourself to think outside the typical dinner and movie routine. Because let's face it, not all date nights were created equal. So before you plan your next romantic rendezvous, consider some of our favourite alternative ideas.

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