Meet Alison Rice, a Digital Leader and Architect of Her Own Success

Amanda Bardas

What does it take to be the first? From the numerous interviews we’ve conducted with successful disruptors, there seems to be a formula of attributes, personality traits, and, yes, failures that pave the way for female pioneers, or as we like to call them,Womaneers. By definition, she’s a woman who defies societal norms with heroism and tenacity to become a pioneering voice in her field. Each month, we will share a new Womaneer’s story to uncover their vision, grit, persistence, grace, and drive to keep going despite the odds. The time of the Womaneer is now.

Deciding to move on from what could only be described as a dream job in the publishing world isn’t something many would be brave enough to act on. But then again, not everyone is Alison Rice. You know Alison from her monthly MyDomaine Australia column #AskOurBoss, but now it’s time to get to know her away from the ‘shiny’ title and discover why she’s an authentic and pioneering voice in her field.

As the group publisher of Women’s Lifestyle at Allure Media, Alison has spent the past seven years leading one of Australia’s most sophisticated digital brands—POPSUGAR. In 2015, Alison was responsible for the highly successful launch of Who What Wear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine in Australia. Did I mention she’s only 33?

Two weeks ago Alison pulled me aside and turned my world upside down. The woman that I’ve shown up for every day for the last three years decided it was time for her next chapter. This month Alison moves on from Allure Media and this week marks the launch of her podcast, Offline (which you’ll hear more about below in her own words).

Like all great partnerships, this isn’t the end for Alison and I. We have a few collaborations underway, but in the meantime, keep a look out for her new MyDomaine Australia column launching in October, #AskAlison. You’re invited to slide into her DMs with a mentorship or spirituality question or post it on social using the hashtag. 

As for what Alison’s next chapter holds? You’ll have to read on for our very honest and open chat.


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