Our Publisher Reveals Her Biggest Career Lesson to Date

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

An Organised Life

The old saying "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" makes some people roll their eyes. For others, it rings true. As far as Alison Rice is concerned, it's definitely the latter. As publisher of MyDomaine AustraliaWho What Wear Australia, Byrdie Australia, and POPSUGAR Australia, Rice is required to always be "on", which is a challenge in itself, but something she does seamlessly on a daily basis. And being in charge of such big and diverse brands, Rice finds leaving her "stuff" at the door every morning is a good way to start.

Chatting to An Organised Life about her biggest career lessons, Rice also explains how she stays on top of everything when she has to juggle up to eight meetings a day (read: it's a demanding role). Letting her passion and determination drive her to achieve her high standards is how Rice makes sure her days are successful and positive—so trust us, leaving your troubles at home really does pay off.

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AN ORGANISED LIFE: Biggest lesson I've learnt along the way…

ALISON RICE: On any given day someone will dislike me or disagree with a decision I've made. And as long as they respect me, that's okay.

AOL: The top three ways I organise my life are…


  1.  Building collaborative teams who make informed decisions.
  2.  I run my Outlook calendar with military precision. With up to eight meetings a day I've learnt a lot about leaving both travel time and extra time for a meeting to run over if we're really getting somewhere creatively, doing a deal, or making a big decision.    
  3.  I use my AOL notebook to write down my weekly to-do list. My tasks are more themed-based these days, so it isn't often I can tick something off in a day. I'm actually a big fan of writing a fresh list each week, even if it is re-writing the same list as the week before—fresh energy on the page.

An Organised Life

AOL: First thing I do when I get to the office is…

AR: Stand at the front door and set my tone for the day in my head. That means leaving my "stuff" at the door, taking a deep breath, and ensuring my body language is open and approachable.

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