Ali Larter Helps You Throw the Tastiest Super Bowl Party Yet

Ali Larter

Last year, 111.5 million Americans watched the Super Bowl—the greatest number in history. After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl may be the most eating-oriented American tradition. Even people who don't watch football are prone to take an interest on game day, often because they want to be huddled where everyone else is, eating and drinking the most delicious snacks of the whole darn year. 

At my house, we go big. My Bloody Mary bar pumps guests up to tackle make-your-own artisan pizzas, and Stilton dip with crisp celery. The activity-bonus aspect of the Bloody Marys and the pizzas gives guests who may need a break from the couch something to do (with delicious results), while the Stilton dip provides a decadent bite to keep the party fuelled.

Just don't show up to my house on Super Bowl Sunday in Seahawks colours...


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