So You Drank Too Much Over the Weekend—Here's How to Save Your Skin

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A hangover might be the most obvious sign that you had one too many glasses of wine over the weekend, but according to Marie Enna-Cocciolone, overindulging also takes its toll on your skin. In an interview with Daily Mail, the Australian skincare expert explains exactly what happens to your complexion after just one night of drinking, and, more important, how to reverse the damage after a big night out. 

"It's been said: 'If you want to age quickly, all you need to do is drink,'" says the beauty industry veteran. "Why? Dehydration is the skin's first sign of disease and hence, not something to be taken lightly." She explains that when your body is dehydrated, it retains fluid, which leads to that next-day puffiness that's common after drinking too much alcohol. 

Not all alcohol has the same ageing effect on the skin, though. "It's worth bearing in mind that different alcohols have different effects on the skin, too—so as a general rule, stick to the theory that the clearer, the better," she says. "Vodka, gin and tequila will have less impact and exit your system quickly. Match each drink with a glass of water, too."

If you aren't quite prepared to swap wine for water, there is a way you can minimise the next-day negative effects of alcohol, like redness, dehydration, and puffiness. "Start with a good, deep cleanse, then follow with a Fruit Peel Mask—this will allow concentrated products to get in deeper," she says. "Look to a serum with high pure levels of Hyaluronic Acid and then finally seal with a moisturiser."

If you need a more immediate way to soothe puffy eyes, try her simple hack and apply chilled tea bags to your eyelids. Stay hydrated by sipping on a cool electrolyte drink or natural coconut water, and rest up. 

How do you soothe your skin after a night of drinking? Tell us which remedies and products work best for you. 

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