These 3 Airport Hacks Will Change the Way You Fly

Kelsey Clark

The end result of travel is nearly always worth it, but mile-long lines, delayed flights, and overpriced airport food in the interim can put a damper on your trip. Since we’re always looking for ways to streamline air travel and make life a little easier, we were pleased to find this helpful list of airport hacks from Business Insider. Straight from the mouths of airport employees, these hacks have the potential to cut costs, travel time, and overall hassle when traveling by air.

First up: transporting your luggage. Instead of paying for a luggage cart outright, try using one that was left in the pickup area outside of the terminal. After use, sometimes you can even return the cart yourself for an added cash bonus. Second, you can avoid extra costs and added hassle by paying a visit to the lost and found if and when you need something (like a phone charger). Pro tip: Anything that’s been sitting there for more than 90 days is free rein. “If you need something desperately, just be honest and ask,” suggests Business Insider. There’s a good chance there will be something like a phone charger ready and waiting for you.

Arguably the most helpful hack involves canceled or overbooked flights (every traveler’s worst nightmare). Instead of waiting in a never-ending line amid hundreds of frantic passengers, call the airline’s 800 number. “The customer-service representative on the phone can do anything that the gate agent can,” writes Business Insider. “Or, even better, call while waiting in line, and work with whichever becomes available first.”

What airport hack would you add to this list? Share your tip below and download the Hopper app to avoid flight hassles ahead of time.


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