The Thing That May Change Plane Travel Forever

Katie Sweeney

In recent years, travelling by plane has gotten increasingly uncomfortable. Long lines, invasive security checks, over-booked flights, and luggage fees are just a few of the fun circumstances that the modern day traveller has to deal with. One more thing that frequent fliers may have to contend with? Flying backward. Los Angeles Times reports that one of the world’s largest airline seat makers, Zodiac Seats France, has just applied for a patent to change the way seats are arranged in planes.

The Economy Class Cabin Hexagon design proposes that every other passenger in a row faces toward the back of the plane. In a row of three people, the window and aisle seat will face forward, but the middle seat will face the back of the plane. Each seat will flip up like the seats at a movie theatre so that passengers can easily exit a row to use the bathroom or walk around the plane. The hexagon design can add up to 80 new passengers to a typical Boeing 767—a plus that most airlines will appreciate.

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Would you mind sitting backward on a plane? 

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