Airbnb Is Revolutionising Where People Get Married

by Daniel Barna


If you’ve ever dreamt of tying the knot in a regal castle or a sun-drenched tropical villa, Airbnb has made it easier than ever to turn that fantasy into a reality. As their portfolio of spaces continues to grow and diversify, more and more couples are eschewing traditional wedding venues and turning to the online rental platform to find their dream space in which to say "I do."

The most popular wedding venue available on Airbnb is the Dairsie Castle in Fife, Scotland. Though it’s been in ruins since the 19th century, the castle has recently been restored, making that royal wedding you’ve always dreamt about suddenly attainable.

Another sought after venue is the Historic Stone Villa in Crete, Greece, which comes equipped with a shimmering pool as the perfect backdrop for pre-wedding cocktails. If it’s something more rustic you’re looking for, the Madeline Island Cabin in La Pointe, Wisconsin is an ideal fit. Perched on an island in Lake Superior, the converted former barn combines luxury and coziness effortlessly.

If it’s a fall wedding you desire, the Butley Priory in Suffolk, England, has all the British countryside charm of an Emily Bronte novel. And, since this 14th century monastery is just two hours outside of London, guests won’t have to travel too far to visit the British capital once the nuptials have wrapped up.

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