5 Affordable Florals For a Wedding

Julia Millay Walsh

Any opportunity to save on your dream wedding is a good one, so we asked Eric Buterbaugh, celebrity florist and Chief Floral Designer of TheBouqs.com, for his expert advice on making the most of a small floral budget. The designer -- who's crafted stunning floral creations for actress Demi Moore, style-setter Rachel Zoe, and brands like Chanel and Valentino -- recommends five different types of affordable flowers, along with chic arrangement ideas to make the maximum impact.


"To make a few white roses go a long way, arrange them in low, dramatic glass bowls filled with water.  I love the way that rose heads float in a fishbowl or low bowls. Gardenias also float well and provide a lovely scent. You only need a few to make an impact, and can mix in floating candles for an even more dramatic look."


"Hydrangeas are elegant and beautiful as accents in weddings, or I've used them as the theme for the entire ceremony and reception. They can be used in arrangements, bouquets, or even to decorate the cake. The great thing about hydrangea is that you can use them as a single ingredient for a wedding, or you can combine other flowers to a hydrangea base, such as roses, peonies, or orchids to enhance the look."

_5 "An assortment of varied sizes (shapes and height), vessels with single stem, or just a few stems of white dahlias work really well and add to the 'wedding feel.' To make a random assortment of dahlias look sophisticated, map each of the vases out first. Place the tallest shapes in the center, and work your way to the outer edges with medium-size pieces, and fill them in with small containers. When you're done, add a stem or two to each."


"One of my favourite looks for a single bud vase or a small grouping at a wedding is a reflexed rose; this happens when you clean the greens around the base of the rose and then individually peel back each of the petals, blowing the rose right open. This technique will provide a much larger rose and makes for a more romantic arrangement."


"I know what you're thinking, but masses of white carnations can be chic -- and you can't beat the price. If you go to the flower market, or shop online, locate Oasis floral foam spheres, then soak them in water and cover tightly with carnation heads. Once covered with carnations, the spheres can be hung at the venue, or placed on top of a glass cylinder, or the top of any vase to provide a 'floating' contemporary look."


Photographs: Elizabeth Anne Designs (1 and 2), The Nichols via Style Me Pretty, Maya Meyers via Style Me Pretty, Becky Young Photography, Katherine Schwarzenegger (portrait)

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