I Gasped When I Found This $49 Chair at Target

Nicole Singh

I often spend my weekends trawling my favourite websites for interior pieces that won’t cost me my entire paycheque. Recently, I’ve been looking to incorporate the rattan trend into my apartment—especially because I don’t predict it will be going anywhere, anytime soon. So, you can imagine my excitement (I literally gasped) when I stumbled across this woven lounger chair in Target, and saw that it would only set me back $49. And let’s be honest, that’s how much most people pay for a single brunch on the weekend.

Not only does it possess the perfect rattan patterning, but I love how, compared to others I’ve seen, it has a deep back, making it ideal for a low-key Sunday lounging in it with a statement cushion and a good book.

Keep scrolling to see the chair and all the items I'd style it with. 

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