35 Grown-Up Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Another Year of Life



Birthdays are like seasons—some are welcomed with open arms, and others may take a little warming up to. But really and truly, you should be doing something fun for every milestone you hit because what better excuse is there to get all of your favourite people in one room and reminisce about the past year (or years) you’ve spent together?

When you were a kid, it was so easy to pick a favourite theme or place to host your party. There was the dance studio party, the circus theme party, the Discovery Zone party (does anyone else remember jumping into those massive piles of rainbow-coloured plastic balls?). As we got older, the themes tended to dwindle and it became “Meet me at that bar we love!” or “Let’s just all do dinner.” And even if it’s not a particularly special year—aka one of the “big ones”—there’s nothing wrong with sending invitations, breaking out the confetti, and just going all out (like kids do) to celebrate. 

Taking some cues from the little ones, we’ve rounded up 35 totally awesome adult birthday party ideas to celebrate another year. Scroll through, take your pick, and then get planning!

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