How One Mother Worked Two Full-Time Jobs to Launch Her Dream Company

Dacy Knight

Raegan Moya-Jones shook up the baby industry 12 years ago when she introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the U.S. She never set out to be an entrepreneur, but as a new mum living in New York after leaving Australia, she saw a hole in the market and decided to fix it herself. Today, to say her company, Brooklyn-based Aden & Anais, is a success story is an understatement. Newborn Prince George famously made his public debut bundled up in a bird-print swaddle blanket from Aden & Anais in 2013, as 10,000 orders were placed almost immediately. The brand is a favourite among celebrities like Beyoncé, who swaddled a baby Blue Ivy in its designs. But it wasn't always clothing famous infants and enjoying a booming business for the brand. Moya-Jones built the company from scratch in 2006—not leaving her full-time job until 2009—working her day job and running her startup at night, sacrificing sleep to make sure she continued to provide for her family. Below, the mother-of-four and CEO of Aden & Anais shares her incredible journey that demonstrates the power of determination and resilience.

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