Acne Wants to Stream World Famous Art to Your Home

Dana Covit

Meet Curater, the world's first in-home digital art exhibition system. What does that mean exactly? ACNE—a highly regarded Swedish marketing, communications, and branded content grouphas created a very "Future Is Now" digital screen, a high-def, wireless, ultra-thin LED "canvas," that can be installed in any space just as you would hang an ordinary piece of art. The canvas will display a curated selection of six to eight exclusive art pieces per year, all from renowned artists chosen in collaboration with art institutions and curators worldwide. By paying a monthly subscription fee, individuals can transform their homes into "wonderful arenas for exciting art." Better resist the urge to decorate around that piece of art though: Who knows what colours and shapes will be beamed in next?

Intrigued parties can request an invite on the Curater website. They will be sending free frames to 50 randomly selected people.

Tell us: Would you like to have your home's art change every few months?

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