7 Last-Minute DIYs for Your Fourth of July Party

Peter Dolkas
The Fourth of July is the time for your entertaining chops to shine. But, if you haven't had time to prep for the party yet, don't fear. We've rounded up the best DIY's out there that will be the talk of the party, and perhaps even outshine the fireworks. From ambitious projects like a tree swing, to simple and easy sparkler cupcake toppers, there's a project for every skill levels Now just prepare yourself for an onslaught of compliments.
d4 THE PROJECT: Patriotic Napkin Rings THE ESSENTIALS: Cloth napkins, ribbon, buttons, fabric glue, covered elastic. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Creating even accordion folds with ribbon. FURTHER READING: Martha Stewart
_rev1 THE PROJECT: Carnation Balls THE ESSENTIALS: Carnations, floral foam (sphere shape), tray or vase. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: Other than cutting the carnations evenly, there really isn't much trick to this one. FURTHER READING: Country Living
d9 THE PROJECT: Hanging Succulent Garden THE ESSENTIALS: Square terracotta pots, clothesline cord (50 ft), snap hook, wooden beads (optional). SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Knotting the line at the right spot, so the pots hang level. FURTHER READING: Design*Sponge
d2 THE PROJECT: Festive Window Swag THE ESSENTIALS: Bunting, scissors, fusible webbing, iron, disappearing-ink pen, 1/4" dowel (3 ft), 1/2? down (3 ft), eye hooks. SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Measuring for the half-moon shape at bottom and sewing in dowels. FURTHER READING: Martha Stewart
d8 THE PROJECT: Tree Swing THE ESSENTIALS: Wood, wood glue, clamps, drill, rope, screws, chain quick link, sand paper. SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Cutting wood to size and drilling the holes for the rope. FURTHER READING: A Beautiful Mess
d7 THE PROJECT: Cloth Decoupage Tray THE ESSENTIALS: Paint brush, découpage glue, wooden tray, cotton fabric, scissors. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Glueing on fabric without any bubble or wrinkles. FURTHER READING: Martha Stewart
_rev2 THE PROJECT: Sparkler Cupcake Toppers THE ESSENTIALS: Large gold pompoms, floral wire, wire cutters, gold star confetti, craft glue. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner THE TRICKY PART: Daintily glueing on gold star confetti to the pompom. FURTHER READING: You Are My Fave
For more crafty inspiration check out our DIY board on Pinterest. Photography: Charles Schiller for Country Living, via You Are My Fave

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