How the Top 3 Diet Fads of 2016 Stack Up

Dacy Knight

2016 saw its share of diet fads come and go. From focusing on inflammation to witnessing a series of hyper-functional beverages spring up as antidotes to a laundry list of ills and encourager of overall wellness, the year was full of new trends surrounding healthy living.

Three diets that popped up and gained popularity proved to have particular staying power. Body + Soul broke down their basics and weighed in on their efficiency. While for most it's still too early to tell, we suspect we'll see the three below stick around into 2017 until the next big thing pops up and wins over our collective attention.

Turmeric. With the rise in popularity of inflammation-fighting foods, this orangey powder and powerful antioxidant became a instant favourite. One of the main spices in curry, turmeric has anti-flammatory effects when consumed in concentrated amounts. The only problem with the fad is that when not consumed at home, you have no idea how much turmeric is actually in the pricey latte you're buying and whether it will actually be effective.

Going alkaline. The go-to method of models like Elle Macpherson, adopting a diet of 80 per cent alkalising first and 20 per cent acid forming foods keeps the body in its optimum alkaline state, promoting new cell generation and helping to prevent diseases. While the premise of the diet is questioned by those in the field of physiology, the foods encouraged by the alkaline diet are healthy.

SIRT food diet. It's no wonder why this diet—that encourages you to consume chocolate, red wine, and coffee—became a popular choice in 2016. Developers of the diet assert there are certain molecules in "SIRT foods" that activate proteins in the body called sirtuins, involved in the body's ability to burn fat and lose weight. Its effectiveness remains to be proven, though for the indulgent set, any excuse to load up on these SIRT-approved foods is a welcome one until another fad diet steps in for 2017.

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