The Interior Is as Good as the Food at This Newly Opened Greek Restaurant

Lauren Powell


If you want to dine at a Greek restaurant that feels like you’ve been instantly transported to the European country itself, look no further than the recently opened, 1821. This establishment is so authentic in fact, that $3 million worth of décor and interiors designed by Athens-based designer, Dimitris Economou, were shipped over from the motherland itself to kit out the three-levels of the 130-seat Martin Place restaurant. Hence the “Made in Greece” sign in the front window.

Inside, a giant white Greek flag is painted on a vast exposed brick wall, olive plants adorn on each table, and the central bar is flanked by towering Greek columns. The only thing more authentically Greek than the name (which pays homages to the year the Greeks began the war of independence) or fit-out of this new hotspot is the food. Scroll on to take a tour, then book yourself a table, stat.

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