12 Home Fragrances to Buy Now

by Melissa Goldstein
Whether it's musky, woody, beachy, or rosy, the fragrant notes that greet you at the door speak volumes about what you'll find inside--and more importantly, help to set the ambiance for your own personal corner of the world. We've rounded up the most aesthetically and sensory-pleasing offerings out there, each with much more than meets the eye (and nose) than your run-of-the-mill plug-in. Shop our favourite finds below. scents-top
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AMBER BALL SCENT DISPENSER VIBE: A terracotta objet d'art that's musky, and mysterious: think patchouli, vanilla, and tonka beans. $355, Jenni Kayne PALO SANTO WOOD INCENSE BUNDLE VIBE: A heady, foresty scent of Ecuadorian "Holy Wood"--with a looker of a leather strap. $15, Love Adorned MAD ET LEN CUIR DE RUSSIE LAVA ROCKS VIBE: A leathery, bonfirey take on the much-maligned home scent genre of pot-pourri. $110, Sloan Hall
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RETAW ALLEN* FRAGRANCE TAG VIBE: Like your "Do Not Disturb" sign got a fresh laundry scented makeover--powdery and clean with a slight floral undertone. $25, MilkMade FREDERICK MALLE ROSA RUGOSA PERFUME GUN VIBE: Wild rose in an industrial spray bottle disguise--befitting a modern-day Cleopatra. $150, Frederic Malle  MR HULOT'S HOLIDAY HOME SPRAY VIBE: A complex take on Coppertone with a hint of leather and nostalgia. $45, CB I Hate Perfume
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PLANT THE FUTURE HOME FRAGRANCE VIBE: Straight from nature--like a hike in a bottle. $60, Plant The Future  COMMES DES GARCONS KYOTO INCENSE VIBE: The essence of Haute Couture: cypress oil, coffee and Virginian cedar. $55, Lucky Scent JOHN DERIAN PROVINCETOWN CANDLES VIBE: Windswept Cape Cod beach grass, Atlantic Ocean mist, star anise and Texan cedar. From $83, John Derian
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KOBO WILD TOMATO VINE CANDLE VIBE: Fresh--like Meryl Streep's garden in It's Complicated. And the packaging is seeded and plantable. $28, KOBO KELLY LAMB EVER CANDLE VIBE: Bracing, like a craft cocktail: with white tea, gunpowder and citrus. And when the candle has burnt down, its handmade ceramic holder can be repurposed as a decorative vessel. $80, Steven Alan BAIES DIPTYQUE HOURGLASS DIFFUSER VIBE: An hourglass that emits the brand's beloved scent of black currant leaves and roses when turned from one side to the other. $145, Diptyque 

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