If You've Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Really Mean, Read This

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


How often have you woken up after a night of vivid dreaming and wondered what they all mean? If you ask us, far too often. According to Scottish psychologist and dream researcher, Ian Wallace, dreams without a doubt contain meaning and insights into our inner and outer worlds. SMH Life & Style spoke with Wallace to find out what some of our most common dreams mean—read on to end your curiosities once and for all, then dream on.  


Falling in a dream relates to exploring deeper into our unconscious and suggests you’re holding onto something too tightly in your life. "What the falling dream really means is that there is some situation in your waking life where you're holding on too tightly to something and you need to let go and loosen your grip," Wallace told SMH Life & Style. "When you create this dream, however, it is because you need to release yourself from a particular responsibility and just accept the inevitable process of letting go. As soon as you let go, you give yourself the freedom to move on so that you can use your talents to raise your standing in other areas."


Surprisingly, nightmares aren’t classified as a bad dream! Wallace suggests that they can show a need to connect with your emotions so you can make changes IRL. "All a nightmare is, is a dream where it's a bit more emotional and you might feel a wee bit more out of control, but the great thing about nightmares is they are very powerful and can really connect you to your emotions, so you can put them into action in waking life," he says.


Interestingly, flying is the sixth most common dream and usually a dream creative people have. Flying dreams can suggest that you’re releasing yourself from a particular situation or opportunity. "The action from this dream is to acknowledge how you are releasing yourself from previous limitations in your day-to-day life and are realising other opportunities for liberating your talents," he explains. "Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as just a lucky coincidence, it usually arises because you have managed to create a powerful opportunity for yourself in waking life."

New places

Unfortunately, dreaming of new places doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in need of a holiday. But we’ll take any excuse! Rather, it means you could be facing something new in your life either personally, or professionally.  "When you dream about a place, you are actually dreaming about some situation you are in in waking life – you use the dream to symbolise what's happening for you," Wallace says. "There's something happening where you're moving into a new area—professionally, socially... it's making an unconscious connection to this new area."

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