These Nutritionists Reveal What They Actually Eat For Breakfast

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


The struggle is real when it comes to breakfast—finding the perfect combination of healthy, satisfying, and tasty can be a challenge. But not anymore. Huffington Post Australia spoke with top nutritionists to find out what they reach for every morning after they roll out of bed. Read on for their recipes and make breakfast your favourite meal of the day.

Scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit smeared with nut butter

“It’s quick and easy. I try to get around 20-25g of protein at breakfast to keep my hunger and cravings in check. To balance the protein from eggs, I get some carbs from the banana with fat from the nut butter.”

Julie Upton, Appetite for Health

Green smoothie

“It’s an awesome way to front load my day with the healthiest fuel there is—raw, dark leafy greens and fruit. It energises me and sets my day up to continue eating healthy.”

Christa Mantay

Oatmeal with walnuts

“Oatmeal fills me up until lunch. It’s low in sodium and saturated fat, and high in healthy carbs that provide energy for my morning.”

Katherine Brooking

Old-fashioned rolled oats with fresh fruits

“The oats provide soluble fibre, which along with the fat from the nuts and seeds, and the protein in the milk, all help keep me full until lunch time. I love using chia seeds for their beneficial omega-3 fats. Instead of sugar, I use fresh fruit like strawberries or chopped apple, and a little vanilla for extra sweetness. Oatmeal takes on the flavour of whatever you mix into it, and the flavour combinations are endless.”

Alissa Rumsey

Breakfast bar and coffee

“I can get my caffeine fix with some calcium and eat a nutritious bar with quality ingredients and nothing artificial.”

Rebecca Scritchfield

Head to Huffington Post Australia to find out what other nutritionists fuel their body with first thing.

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