How to Give an Unforgettable Speech, According to Successful TED Talks

Sophie Miura


Giving a speech can be nerve-racking, even for experienced presenters. You're not the only one who gets sweaty palms: An estimated 80% of Americans feel anxious about public speaking, while 10% have a debilitating fear of speaking in front of a crowd. According to an Inc. article, there's a new reason to stress less. Research suggests there is one proven secret to giving a winning presentation, every time: storytelling. 

Carmine Gallo, author of Talk Like TED, watched 150 hours of popular TED Talks and was able to pinpoint one winning trait. Speeches that involved a strong storytelling theme consistently scored higher than talks based on facts or research. Top talks shared a similar structure: Around 65% of the speech was dedicated to telling a personal anecdote, 25% referenced facts and figures, and 10% provided information to prove the speaker's credibility. Yes, if Gallo's research is anything to go by, giving a truly unforgettable presentation is as simple as following this three-step formula. No more sweaty palms!

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