The Best Small-Bathroom Paint Colours, According to the Pros 

Sacha Strebe

If we had to play favourites, the bathroom would outrank every room in the house. While we love a stylish kitchen, a luxe living room, and a blissful bedroom, nothing compares to the peaceful respite the bathroom offers. It's a place of refuge where we wash off a hard day's work, cleanse the soul, and beautify ourselves for the day ahead. It's a time for reflection and relaxation. (Who doesn't love a bath? Especially in a freestanding tub…) Decorating a bathroom can be challenging, especially when it's a small one, but the most transformative tool in your decorating arsenal is a paint brush.

Interior designer and author Abigail Ahern agrees that "bathrooms aren't the easiest spaces to make homely or stylish," but a dark paint will stop it from veering into the "sterile and soulless" territory. "Going bold with your colour choice is an instant game changer," she told MyDomaine. "It's a myth that dark colours are unfit for small spaces. Forget about bland beige or blah pastels, it’s not fooling anyone or making the space seem larger, snug, cosy, intimate and sophisticated." We tapped several interior designers for their favourite out-of-the-box small bathroom paint colours.

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