6 Must-Know Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

Katie Sweeney


If you have a big online presence, you’ll want to take some time to think about your personal brand. Why? Emmelie De La Cruz, a personal-branding strategist and founder of The Branding Muse, explains it like this: “Competition is fierce, and information is readily available. Before people work with you, they will most likely google you, and without a brand, what relevant information will they find? Branding truly makes you more marketable and mobile as a job-seeker. In building your brand deliberately and strategically, you have an immediate competitive advantage over your peers." De La Cruz spoke with Refinery29 on the topic of personal branding and shared some interesting tips, which I round up below.

1. A personal brand isn’t just for someone who works in a media-related industry. Carpenters, lawyers, wedding planners—everyone should consider their brand. “Any professional can benefit from a personal brand and use it to expand their reach, exposure, and even develop multiple streams of income as a speaker or consultant,” De La Cruz explains.

2. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, you already have the foundation for a brand. Go back and look through your posts and figure out which ones have been most successful. Use this information to find your niche and audience.

3. Avoid overcurating your online presence. Your branded personality should reflect who you truly are. Don't shy away from who you are as a person,” says De La Cruz. "Infuse that into your personal brand.”

4. Likes matter. Having a lot of followers and a well-engaged audience translates into a large number of likes, which in turn translates into dollars.

5. Have boundaries. Your online brand is a professional tool, so it shouldn’t be all about your personal life. “It's possible to be professional, share a few personal things, and maintain your privacy all at once,” De La Cruz says. “You can make your lifestyle public, and keep your life private by being mindful of what you share.”

6. Be prepared to invest in your brand. Hire a branding expert like De La Cruz, whose services start at approximately $250 per hour, or a web developer, photographer, creative director, or copywriter to help your online brand be the best it can be.

Get the full scoop on De La Cruz by heading to Refinery29 now.

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