Australia’s Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs, Revealed

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


We know that Australia is home to some of the most successful businesswomen in the world, but it wasn’t until SmartCompany released its annual list of top female entrepreneurs that we were reminded just how successful they are. The list of 30 women is ranked according to the revenue of their business—and this year’s list is as impressive as you’d imagine. Featuring the likes of mining magnate, Gina Rinehart; Boost Juice founder, Janine Allis; and activewear queen Lorna Jane Clarkson, the 30 women featured on the list are responsible for a combined revenue of $10.67 billion. Read on to find out which inspiring female entrepreneurs made this year’s list.

1. Katie Page

Company: Harvey Norman


Revenue: $2.71 billion (with Gerry Harvey)


2. Gina Rinehart

Company: Hancock Prospecting


Revenue:$2.04 billion


3. Vicky Teoh

Company: TPG

Established: 1992

Revenue: $1.27 billion (with David Teoh)


4. Lesley Gillespie

Company: Bakers Delight

Established:1980 (becoming a franchise in 1988)

Revenue: $619 million (with Roger Gillespie)


5. Maxine Horne

Company: Vita Group

Established: 1995

Revenue: $601.4 million


6. Naomi Milgrom

Company: ARJ Group

Established: 1939

Revenue: $490 million*


7. Yenda Lee

Company: Bing Lee


Revenue: $490 million*


8. Janine Allis

Company: Retail Zoo


Revenue: over $350 million


9. Charlotte Vidor 

Company: Toga Group


Revenue: $285 million* (with Ervin Vidor)


10. Sue Hollis

Company: TravelEdge


Revenue: $250 million*


11. Lorna Jane Clarkson

Company: Lorna Jane


Revenue: $200 million* (with Bill Clarkson)


12. Iris Lustig-Moar

Company: Lustig & Moar


Revenue: $171 million*


13. Gillian Franklin

Company: The Heat Group


Revenue: $130 million


14. Diana Williams

Company: Fernwood


Revenue: $106 million*


15. Sarina Russo

Company: Sarina Russo Group


Revenue: $106 million

Head to SmartCompany to learn more about these inspiring women and find out which other 15 Australian female entrepreneurs made the cut. Plus, shop our favourite career books here for more career motivation.

Note: Wherever possible, SmartCompany has listed revenue figures that have been provided by the entrepreneurs themselves. If not, it has relied on publicly available sources, industry contacts or internal estimates. An asterisk shows when revenue has been estimated.

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