Do This In the Morning to Start Your Day Right, Says Leighton Meester

Sophie Miura

While her Gossip Girl character would have balked at the idea of cooking her own meal, it turns out Leighton Meester is quite the novice chef. "I cook 95% of my meals if not more," she tells Byrdie in an exclusive interview

It doesn't take long to realise Meester is nothing like the diva-like characters she often portrays. Her approach to cooking and maintaining a healthy diet is refreshingly normal and unrestrained. "I usually just go with my gut...what I want, what I feel like, what’s on hand, and what’s easy," she says. 

Given her busy schedule, Meester says mornings are the most important time to make smart health choices. "What I like to do, is in the mornings eat as well as I possibly can," she says, to ensure she starts the day the best possible way. "I eat a lot of kale, spinach, and green things in the morning," she says, noting that "smoothies with powders, flax seeds, and chia seeds," are among her favourites. 

That doesn't mean she's immune to sweet cravings, though. "As the day goes on, its kind of hard to keep that up and be satisfied for long periods of time," she says. "I have to give myself treats, so I'm never hard on myself when it comes to what I'm eating or what I have eaten. If I'm out at a restaurant, I'll always get dessert," she admits. And just like that, we glimpse the real Leighton Meester: honest, candid, and incredibly normal. What a refreshing change.

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