So, Kmart Just Made Luxe Velvet Cushions Affordable

Nicole Singh

As you may have figured out by now, at MyDomaine Australia we have a slight obsession with Kmart’s homewares offerings, particularly, the products that provide our humble abodes with a luxe feel (minus the price tag). As the cooler weather sets in, we’ve had our eye on all things lounge-worthy, from sheets that make it impossible to get out of bed in the morning, to the recipes that warm even the most bitterly cold evenings. While in the depths of our regular moments trapped in a Pinterest vortex, we’ve stumbled upon the growing velvet trend covering the bedheads and reading chairs of what seems like every recent interiors shoot. 

In what could only be an answered prayer by the Interiors Gods themselves, Kmart have just released a blush pink velvet cushion. And for bonus points, it will only cost you $8. And while we have a weakness for the finer things in life, we really can’t go past such an amazing (and affordable) find. Excited? We thought so. Snap it up before we do.

Scroll down to peek the trend and shop it for yourself.

Shop the trend 

Kmart Jasmine Velvet Round Cushion Pink ($8)

This is the perfect accent piece for any couch and it is also available in pale blue.

Ralph Lauren Velvet Cushion Cover ( $181 ) ($145)

If you’d really like to take luxe road though, this Ralph Lauren option is deliciously plush.

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