First Thing: You’ll Want to Replicate This Fashion Designer’s Morning Routine

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Interval is the fashion label currently on everyone’s lips. The sought-after collection made up of luxurious basics is having a moment thanks to its head designer, Kara Liu. The talented creative has combined elegance, comfort, and wearability to create a label that the Australian fashion industry can’t get enough of. Once an intern at Alexander Wang, Liu confesses that mornings are her prime time and has shared her inspiring routine with us, and we want to copy it immediately. Read on to find out how this fashion designers kicks off her creative days.

7.25 a.m. The alarm goes off for the first time. 

7.40 a.m. Finally I get up after three more alarms go off, the last being an analog clock on the other side of the room, which I have to walk across the bedroom to and physically switch off. I have always been a night person, therefore I prefer to start my days at a reasonable hour that my body ‘likes’. After trying (and failing) to become a morning person, I found a ’slow' start keeps me feeling fresh, focused, and productive for the day. A study I read a while back showed the Swedish have the shortest workdays but highest productivity among most European countries, which really stuck with me. It’s not about adding more time to my day, but making the best use of the time that I have. 

7.45 a.m. I shower, brush my teeth, and cleanse my face with Aesop’s Parsley Seed face wash—my favourite at the moment. Its herbal smell is just what I need to feel refreshed.

8.00 a.m. I complete my make-up routine (which takes exactly 5 minutes) and get dressed. It doesn’t take long as I always prepare my outfit the night before. 

8.10 a.m. I water the house plants and change the water in any flower vases. I love keeping my apartment lush and green all year round, it’s my oasis. Then I’d have a cup of white tea and read the news. I like to catch up on what’s happening in the real world before diving into a day in the fashion world. 

8.20 a.m. During the cooler months, I walk to my office in The Rocks from my Surry Hills apartment. It’s a lovely 40–50 minute walk that cuts through Hyde Park. The actual walking time varies as I like to take different routes from time to time to keep the journey interesting. On the way, I listen to ambient piano music, take in the cityscape, and people-watch. It feels like a beautiful movie with this elegant soundtrack, leaving me feeling inspired by the time I get to the office. 

9.10 a.m. Pick up a large skim latte from The Fine Food Store (I always order through the App Hey You to avoid the lines) and arrive at the office. After a quick glance at the overnight emails, I start my workday with the most important creative task for the day, whether it’s creating mood boards for the collection, sketching new designs, or working on concepts for the next photo shoot. Strictly no emails and meetings before 11 a.m. (my Outlook is closed and my phone is on silent during this time)—I dedicate my most clear-minded 90 minutes of the day to the creative process without any distractions or interruptions. 

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