IKEA Just Launched an App That Let's You Try Before You Buy

Nicole Singh

It’s no secret we are devout purchasers of IKEA interiors. Not only do we love the brand’s keen eye for burgeoning trends before they hit, but also its ability to design versatile products that really work for their (affordable) price tag. But, despite how good the Swedish giant is, there’s still something frustrating that comes with going in store to purchase the couch you’ve long been lusting over, only to find once home, that it’s the complete wrong fit for the space. But lucky for us, it seems that IKEA has read our minds yet again, making the shopping experience all that much easier by launching IKEA Place, an augmented reality app that allows you to try your latest must-have items from the comfort of your own home.

From footstools to coffee tables and everything in-between, once downloaded, you will have access to 2000 items to style with—literally our shopping dreams come to life. All it takes is a simple photo capture where you would like your new item to go, then you browse on the app for a 3D-rendered item, select, and insert into your photo. Once placed, you can easily shift, rotate, and change it to how you would style it in your own home. TechCrunch also notes that it stands apart from similar cut-and-place styling apps, using intuition to automatically scale the furniture within the image. The best bit (in our books anyway) is justifying IKEA purchases to your SO just became easier, with the pictures being about to be saved and shared to other devices.  





Cass Hall, customer experience manager at IKEA Australia adds, “Built on Apple’s new ARKit technology, IKEA Place is an important innovation for IKEA. IKEA is one of the first home furnishing brands in the world to bring this technology to people, which will shift the way we purchase furniture in the future.”

The launch of the app is expected to release alongside the iOS11 update, which is predicted to go live on September 19. We’re keeping our eyes peeled.

What we'd be styling on the app:

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