How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Home Without Spending a Cent

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

If you'd like to take your home from practical to Pinterest-worthy, but your bank account has other ideas, we have the answer—multiple, actually! You don’t need to be sitting on a small fortune to update your home, in actual fact, you don’t need to spend a cent. With a few clever (and free!) hacks, you can make prominent changes to your abode that your inner interiors aficionado has been dreaming of. Read on to find out how to give your home a new lease of life without having to reach for your wallet.

Rearrange your furniture


One Kings Lane

The next best thing to renovating is rearranging. If your space accommodates it, flip your furniture 180 degrees for a major room change, relocate your side tables, switch lighting between rooms, or give your occasional chair a new cosy nook to get comfy in. As they say, a change is as good as a holiday and in this instance, we couldn’t agree more.

Edit your shelves


Brittany Ambridge, design by Emily Henderson

If you have open shelves in your home that you use to display your most-loved decorative items (we’re talking candles, ceramics, antique finds, and sculptures), it’s quite likely they’ve been sitting pretty is the same position, with the same décor neighbours, for some time now. Whether they belong to a entertainment unit, a console table or are part of your bookshelf, why not create some new compositions and give your special pieces a new shelf to call home.

Swap artwork


Elle Decor

If your walls are lucky enough to be adorned with multiple works of art, you’ll be amazed what a transformation can be made by swapping pieces between different rooms and walls. This five-minute task will result in what feels like a five day renovation—genius. And once your eye gets used to the update, play musical art again whenever you can spare another few minutes.  

Use photos, posters, and post cards as artwork


One Kings Lane

Great art is something you admire and enjoy looking at day in and day out, it's something that makes you feel uplifted and moved time after time, so why not create art from photos and visuals that you love? Sounds like the definition of art to us. Print out your best memories, tear out your favourite magazine shoots, dig out those postcards from your globetrotting adventures and embellish an entire wall into personal work of art, or frame your top picks and build a gallery wall. The definition of easy, but effective.

Use a stack of books as a side table


Design Sponge

In need of some extra surface space in your living room? Why not create a coffee-table book side table by stacking a selection of your favourite tomes from the floor—not only does it create a point of interest in the home, it looks seriously cool and gives those beautiful hardbacks some time to shine. Use it to house a side lamp, a vase of flowers, or a cluster of your treasured decorative items.

Upcycle a mug or tea cup into a new planter


Kendall Lyn Designs

Let’s make our love for indoor greenery and succulents ever stronger by potting them into the pretty tea cups and mugs hiding in our kitchen cupboards—just when we though our hardy little friends couldn’t get any cuter… Plus, using an item that otherwise rarely gets used must be even better than free, right?

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Do you have any budget-friendly home update hacks you’d like to add? Share with us below!

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