The Healthy Hacks That Will Keep You Focused at Work

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


We all know the 3pm slump all too well (unfortunately) and how challenging it can be to stay driven, focused, and motivated all day, every day. If only! However, Snack Nation has confirmed that by incorporating some simple daily habits into your working day you’ll increase your focus, stay healthier, and as result, improve your happiness at work. Read on and make work one of your favourite places to be.

Schedule time out of your seat

While we all have excellent intentions of getting out of our seat multiple times a day to reset our focus, sometimes it doesn’t become a reality. Set-up a recurring calendar note for every 30 or 60 minutes as reminder to move—fill up your water bottle, take a quick walk outside for some sunshine and fresh air—whatever it takes. Seems unnecessary at first thought, but you’ll thanks us later.

Reward yourself with a healthy snack

You may not normally used the words “healthy” and “reward” in the same sentence, but healthy snacks can elevate your mood, boost brainpower, and curb your craving resulting in greater productivity and therefore is a great reward! Complete a long task, then reward yourself.

Take a working walk

There’s a reason that walking meetings and business calls are becoming more common and it’s time you gave it a try. Walking is obviously great for your physical health, but it can also improve your confidence, increase creativity, and encourages engagement which is beneficial both physically and mentally—it’s time to get moving!

Show gratitude

In excellent news, mental health professionals are finding that practising gratitude can impact out physical health, too. Kick your day of right by putting pen to paper and writing down the things you are grateful for.

To find out more ways to improve your focus and health at work, head to Snack Nation and show your gratitude in a beautiful leather journal.   

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