How to Receive a Compliment Gracefully

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Receiving a compliment without feeling embarrassed, stuck for a response, or becoming defensive is a challenge for many of us. Sometimes we feel that by accepting a compliment, rather than down playing it, is a sign of over-confidence. But in actual fact, accepting a compliment humbly, without rejecting the praise is a displays gratitude, poise, and most importantly, doesn’t insult the giver. has outlined the best ways to accept a compliment with humility and grace to change this habit once and for all. If you’re guilty of responding to a compliment negatively, read on.

1. Express gratitude

Anytime you receive a compliment, you should first and foremost always reply with “thank you.” It’s simple, but effective and strong. It’s the perfect humble response that everyone can adopt.

2. Use appropriate body language

When you feel uncomfortable or nervous your body language imitates this feeling and therefore when you receive a compliment, you can come across disinterested, or present the wrong impression. Be sure to accept the moment of praise, engage with the giver, and stay present.

3. Never undermine the compliment

Avoid phrases such as “oh thank you, but it was nothing” or “thanks, but it’s just an outfit I’ve had for years.” These types of responses can offend or insult the giver—they are person giving praise so deserve an appreciated reply.

4. Share the credit

If a compliment is given for something that was a joint or team effort, ensure you recognise and share the praise with your friends, colleagues, or family.

Head to to find out other ways to receive a compliment with grace and show gratitude everyday with the below journal.  

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