The Career-Defining Habits Every 20-Something Should Adopt

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


If you want to stand out from the crowd in the workplace, prove yourself, and make a memorable impression, there are some simple, but effective habits that will guarantee just this. Business Insider spoke with Lauren Berger, founder and CEO of, who revealed her biggest lessons learned from her very first job. Whether it’s your first job or your 15th, these professional behaviours will set you apart from the rest. Read on and enjoy the ride to C-suite status.

Stay connected

Berger recommends maintaining your professional relationships and suggests following a 'three times per year' rule for staying in touch. “When you reach out to employers, you just want to drop them a short paragraph telling them how you are doing,” she says. “Don't ask for anything unless you need to.”

Never act entitled

Always stay humble, be eager to assist anytime, and be willing to learn—even if you think that a task is beneath you. “When you are an entry-level employee, no task should be too small,” Berger advises. “You should volunteer and eagerly do the work no one else wants to do in hope that people will recognise your genuine spirit.”

Don’t take thing personally

As tricky as it might be, never take criticism at work personally, after all, it is work and a business. “People make decisions for all kinds of reasons and usually it's chalked up to business as usual and it has nothing to do with you,” Berger says. Be sure to learn from every type of feedback and use it to improve and progress.

Stay organised

The more organised you are, the more efficient and effective you are, which is the ultimate goal at work. Stay on top of your inbox, calendar, and to-do-list at all times. “There is no worse mistake than when an important task is delegated and then is forgotten about or pushed too far down on the list of priorities,” Berger says.

Dress appropriately

There’s a good reason the saying “dress for success” exists. “Every day, when you get dressed for work, you are representing the person you want to be in the workplace,” Berger says. Represent yourself well by look professional and polished every single day.

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