The Totally Accessible Secret to Finally Finding Your Passion

Dana Covit

Let your curiosity guide you.

Curiosity expresses our genuine desire to explore and learn. What we are curious about when no one is looking over our shoulder or setting us on a task tends to supply amazing clues as to where our passions may be hiding.

According to the article, "passion isn’t something we find—it’s something we cultivate. It takes time to develop, and you can start to do so by paying attention to your inner voice." And though "inner voice" may set off And how do I do that? alarms, simply understanding the idea as letting your most natural, unadulterated whims lead the way puts it in more accessible terms.

Now the trick is giving your curiosity, or very many curiosities, the value and importance they so deserve. We vote you give it a try.

Ready to brainstorm? Write down what catches your curiosity and piques your interest in a stylish journals.

What are you curious about right now? Tell us in the comments.

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