Is Your Instagram Story Technique Up to Scratch?

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


The greatest thing to happen to our social media addictions most recently was Instagram’s “Stories” feature. The image and video sharing platform’s answer to Snapchat allows its community of over 500 million to share everyday photos and videos that last for 24 hours after posting. As this feature launched a few months ago now, you can’t be blamed for thinking you’ve already mastered this candid addition. However, it seems the social networking giant knows more about the feature than us—go figure. Instagram has shared with us all its top tips and tricks for the best possible Instagram Stories and for your followers viewing pleasure—you’re welcome. Scroll on for the insider tips and tricks you’ll wish you knew earlier.

Use Boomerang and Hyperlapse

Anything shot in the last 24 hours with your camera, including Boomerang or Hyperlapse, can be uploaded to your story. To upload, swipe down on the screen and choose from your camera roll.



Unleash your inner artist with our drawing tools—including three types of pen. You can adjust the size of the pen point by holding the dot on the left hand side of your screen, swipe the colour panel to reveal more shades and tap and hold on the colour panel to choose even more colours from a large spectrum.

Add text

Drag and pinch text to resize or rotate, add emoji’s, add colour behind text to make it stand out, or add colour to the entire screen by holding your pen down and slowly drag it across the screen.

Add filters

Add different filters to your image or video by simply swiping left on your image.

Quick shortcuts

Hold down on the screen to pause a story, tap left to go back, tap right to move forward.

Embrace neon

Use the neon pen to make your stories stand out, from neon snow to neon calligraphy.

Share your story with who you want

You can easily hide your entire story from anyone you don’t want to see it even if they follow you by simply going to your profile page, tapping the Setting icon in the upper right, and then Story Settings.

Share your story on your profile

You can also feature a particular part of your story by posting it on your profile. Simply tap “...” in the lower right hand corner of the photo/video you want to share, then click “Share as Post” (iOS) or “Share” (Android).

Find new Stories to watch

With stories on the explore page, it’s easier than ever to find new stories from accounts you don't already follow.

Colour text

Choose a colour when adding text to your photo or video. Swipe the colours above the keyboard to see more, or tap and hold a circle to select a custom colour.



You can now mute someone's story by tapping and holding their profile photo in the bar at the top of your feed. Once you mute a story, it will move to the end of the bar and it won't automatically play when you're watching stories.

Auto save

Automatically save your photos and videos to your phone’s camera roll. Just tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the stories camera, and toggle “Save Shared Photos” on.



Capture all the details with the zoom feature.

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