The Most Effective Productivity Hacks, According to Start-Up CEOs

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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Our primary day-to-day goal in the office is to be efficient, productive, and impactful. To ensure we do so in the midst of an overwhelming to-do list, we need to create smart systems, use our time effectively, and prioritise. When Business Insider reported on a recent Quora thread where start-up execs responded to the question: “As a start-up CEO, what is your favourite productivity hack?” and highlighted some of the best techniques and habits, we couldn’t jot them down fast enough. After all, who better to take career advice from than successful entrepreneurs? Read on to learn the productivity tricks of successful start-up CEOs so you can turn that aspiring term into a reality—as they say, work smarter, not harder.  

1. Have “No Meetings Wednesdays.”

The co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz, clears his schedule every single Wednesday to ensure he has adequate time and space to work on projects.

2. Outsource small, time-consuming projects.

While start-up CEOs don’t necessarily have the human resources to outsource and delegate tasks, they take advantage of online resources that offer workers you can hire to take on small tasks. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr match your projects and requirements with suitable experts.

3. Put the day’s three most important tasks on a Post-It note.

Jotting down the three most important tasks on a Post-It note will keep your daily goal in close sight and provide an extra bit of motivation. Ensure you complete these tasks no matter what.

4. Restrict access to distractions on your phone and computer.

An effective way to stop distractions when working on something intensely is by placing your phone on Do Not Disturb mode Aeroplane Mode or—not only will is stop calls, texts, and notifications, but it will also stop any temptation from using it without purpose.  

5. Show up to the office earlier than anyone else.

Cofounder of Virtu, Remco Van Mook, recommends arriving at the office an hour and a half before everyone else. “You’ll hate it, but you get done more in that hour and a half than the rest of the day—you’ll be running from distraction to distraction afterwards,” he says.

6. Use the Two-Minute Rule.

Many entrepreneurs use the two-minute rule—if a task arises that you know you can complete in two minutes or less, do it immediately. This hack is super effective as it requires no learning, dedication, or software and anyone can adopt it.

Head to Business Insider for more genius productivity hacks and shop a selection of our favourite organisational products that will help increase your efficiency at the office.

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