Donna Hay Shares Her Favourite Last-Minute Meals

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Winter is here, which often means rushing home and rugging up without much thought about dinner. (Toast and two-minute noodles, anyone?) But according to the queen of simple, fresh recipes, Donna Hay, this can easily be avoided.

On the release of her new cookbook, Life in Balance, Hay revealed to Huffington Post Australia her go-to super-quick recipes and the essential ingredients for those lazy weeknight cook-ups. "There’s a great simple recipe for skillet greens with eggs in Life in Balance that I’ve been cooking a lot lately—you just pan-fry some silverbeet with leek and onions, then crack the eggs straight into the pan and bake. So easy, good for you and delicious," notes Hay, who confirms the must-have ingredient for every pantry is eggs. "I always have eggs in the fridge—if you have some eggs, you always have dinner."

The renowned food editor and cookbook author also believes in effective shortcuts in the kitchen to keep things simple. "I love using handy shortcuts in the kitchen, whether it’s a good-quality frozen pastry in the freezer for last-minute desserts, or a jar of caramelised onion relish or a pesto to stir through pasta for a quick midweek meal." Say goodbye to Vegemite on toast for dinner!

What are your favourite last-minute meals? Share with us in the comments below!

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