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Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Founder and managing director of health and wellbeing website Sporteluxe, Bianca Cheah is an inspiration for many reasons. The digital entrepreneur is a guru and devotee when it comes to all things health, fitness, and wellbeing—add that list of credentials to her modelling career and her yoga and beauty therapist qualifications, and there’s no doubt this lady has it all. So when Cheah revealed some of her invaluable career and life insights on her own site, we were all ears. Read on the find out Cheah’s greatest career lesson, what she deems as the best part of her job, and what a typical day in the office looks like.

Greatest lesson learnt

“Never give up. There have been so many times when I’ve failed, but it’s these times that have made me stronger as a person. We’re all human and it's normal to make mistakes. You only get better by learning from your mistakes.”

Best part of her job

“Knowing that we are creating content that inspires people to lead a healthier and happier life. This is incredibly rewarding.”

Her typical day

“Overseeing the strategy, creative content and direction of the Sporteluxe brand, this might mean going to events, preparing pitches, content direction, liaising with clients, photographing products, or running to meetings. Usually of a night I’ll come home to practice my yoga. This is a big part of my life as it grounds me after my busy day.”

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