This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Alcohol for One Month

Sophie Miura

A few years ago, people would balk if you said you were ditching alcohol for a month "just because." But when I did a call out on social media to ask if any friends had tried the lifestyle shift, the response was overwhelming. It seems that everyone has a story about the crazy physical and emotional changes that happen when you decide to go "dry"—and they're dying to tell anyone who'll listen. 

Their glowing tales of better sleep and more energy aren't an exaggeration, says Courtney Baron, Thumbtack health coach and founder of Baron Health and Wellness. "You'll feel more mentally and emotionally stable, experience fewer sugar cravings, sleep better, drop some pounds, and be illness-free," she says. Why wouldn't you try it?

If social drinking has been ingrained in your lifestyle for years, don't worry. Baron says it's not too late to reverse the negative health effects. "The damage is certainly not done. The body is an extremely smart biocomputer, and it has an incredible way of healing itself on its own when given a fair shot."

Considering going "dry"? This is what actually happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol for one month. 

Have you eliminated alcohol from your diet? Tell us what changes you noticed. 

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